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Yonex Stringing Team Commences Official Stringing Service at 2017 Australian Open

11 January 2017

Yonex is proud to once again act as the Official Stringer of the Australian Open in 2017. This marks Yonex’s second year as official stringer at the tournament, which starts next week on January 16th and runs through January 29th.

The Yonex Stringing Team operates worldwide, and has carried out stringing services at the Beijing, London and Rio De Janeiro Olympics, as well as at a great number of other international tennis tournaments. Receiving great accolades for their work around the globe, the Yonex Stringing Team has an excellent reputation of providing top quality service to support the world’s top competitors. This reputation lead to the team’s partnership with Australian Open last year, marking the first time Yonex has ever acted as official stringer at a Grand Slam tournament.

This year’s team is composed of 25 individuals from 15 nations, and is expected to perform over 5,000 restrings from the qualifiers through to the tournament’s final round. Team members have already touched down at the venue and are hard at work preparing for the tournament.

The Yonex Stringing Team is honored to support the Australian Open with its top notch stringing service again this year. Every member of the team is devoted to making the tournament a success, as well as contributing to the greater world-wide development of tennis as a sport through their activities at the tournament.

Aiding the Yonex Stringing Team in their efforts is the new Yonex PT8 Deluxe stringing machine. Made in Japan, this new stringing machine was designed based on extensive feedback from our seasoned stringing experts, with a number of enhanced features to improve stringing efficiency and precision.

All About the Yonex Stringing Team

The Yonex Stringing Team is a global network of stringers rich with knowledge and proven skills. To allow players the best performance possible and provide customers with exceptional service, the team strives tirelessly to sharpen its expertise and techniques. Made up of several highly qualified members, the stringing team includes individuals hailing from the European Racquet Stringers Association (ERSA), United States Racquet Stringers Association (USRSA) and Japan Racquet Stringers Association (JRSA). Composed of approximately 700 members who carry out tennis, badminton and soft tennis stringing, it is the biggest stringing team in the world*.

2016 saw the Yonex Stringing Team act as official stringer for 10 tournaments, including events such as last year’s Australian Open, Shanghai Rolex Masters, Toray Pan Pacific Open and Rakuten Open. With vast experience, expert skills and precision equipment, the Yonex Stringing Team continues to win the praises of the world’s top players.

For personal racquet service, find a Yonex Stringing Team member near you by checking our Stringer Locations on the official Yonex Stringing Team website:

*The Yonex Stringing Team is the only team to string at an international level across three different sports.

PT8 Deluxe Stringing Machine

PT8 Deluxe

Yonex’s high-performance PT8 Deluxe stringing machine is specially made to meet the demands of the world-class Yonex Stringing Team. The machine allows highly-skilled technicians to string with the utmost of accuracy so players can compete at their highest level at tournaments. The new PT8 Deluxe features design improvements focusing on key elements critical to carrying out high-quality stringing.

Made in Japan

Learn more about the Yonex Stringing Team at the official website:

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