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EZONE Golf clubs recognised in Golf Monthly magazine

21 April 2020

Two EZONE Yonex Golf clubs have been recognised as some of the best available on the market. Both the EZONE GS Driver and EZONE CB701 Irons have been included in Golf Monthly's Editors Choice Awards 2020, a round-up of the very best golf products on the market. The coveted awards have recognised over 100 products, with performance a key consideration. 

This is what the Golf Monthly writers had to see about each of our products:

EZONE GS Driver:

When you hear the brand Yonex, you might immediately think of graphite shafts. While it is true the brand excels in this area, it’s talents also spread much wider into metalwood design and specifically the new Ezone GS driver.

The GS stands for Graphite Speed and the goal was to create an adjustable, playable driver with an emphasis on superior speed. The driver features a high-tensile, Honeycomb Structure graphite crown that allows for more flex at the top of the face. A second-generation Power Groove Sole has been added to the sole of the driver to allow maximum repulsion from low on the clubface. This combination enlarges the sweet spot and optimum ball speeds across all areas of the face.

So with ball speed taken care off, Yonex then needed to make the Ezone GS accurate. It has done this through a vertical polish on the face, which allows the ball to slide upwards at impact, reducing the amount of sidespin that is created compared to a ‘traditional’ horizontally polished or milled clubface where the spin axis can become tilted more easily, causing the ball to curve offline.

There are also interchangeable 2g and 8g weights on the sole, with one port located in the heel that enable golfers to increase the draw bias on offer. The hosel is also adjustable for loft and face angle to help tighten start lines and optimise launch.

This driver feels incredibly solid from a wide area and this translated into good distance without sacrificing accuracy. In fact, the forgiveness of the head going a long way to offset any issues with strike and clubface control. 

EZONE CB01 Irons

Lofts in irons are always a hot topic, specifically because they seem to get stronger and stronger every year, leading golfers to question where gains in performance from generation to generation are actually coming from.

Yonex believes it is more than justified to incorporate stronger lofts in its new Ezone CB 701 iron. The clubhead of this forged iron is crammed full of technology, including thin maraging steel face and tungsten weighting, to help increase the launch angle and forgiveness. The stronger lofts merely produce the optimum ball flight by counteracting this enhanced performance.

To help increase clubhead speed and improve the feel, Yonex’s own graphite shafts come as standard. They are made using a new NAMD graphite material which improves the interface adhesion of the graphite fibers and resin, resulting in high strength at a lighter weight, increased flex and greater snapback. It all sounds very technical, but Yonex are graphite specialists prolific in other sports like tennis and badminton.

The 7-iron loft is a lowly 26°, which is one of the strongest on the market and will be the same as a lot of golfers’ 5-irons, which is why we selected it for a 200-yard carry distance challenge. There’s no doubt the construction of this club is designed to help golfers achieve greater distance with their iron shots, especially those who are limited physically, and it unquestionably delivers that.

The lightweight graphite shaft feels easy to swing and should help golfers be able to practice for longer. Additionally, because it is high torque, it was surprisingly stable for our above average swing speed. These irons have seriously impressed us.


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