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EZONE XPG Type HD Drivers

EZONE XPG Type HD Drivers

EZONE XPG HD Driver is specifically designed for players seeking to hit a powerful, high draw.
Shaft Construction:
Original EX310 (Graphite)
Original Tungsten Balance Grip
Body Construction:
6-4 Titanium Casting
Face Construction:
6-4 Titanium Face
Crown Construction:
High Intensity Graphite

Series Overview

The EZONE XPG range features an expanded Carbon Composite Crown. 30% larger than previous clubs, the ultra-light carbon is positioned closer to the face. This allows weight to be positioned lower in the club head to create an ultra-low and deeper centre of gravity for a high launch trajectory with reduced spin.

A welcome addition to the EZONE XPG range, the all-new EZONE XPG Type HD driver features a lower and deeper centre of gravity and is specifically designed for players seeking a higher, more powerful, draw-biased trajectory.

The Yonex Dual Tungsten Power (DTP) System is an innovative engineering breakthrough granting maximum power and distance to players. Tungsten, present in the grip and club head, works in conjunction with the counterbalanced EX310 shaft. The result is a swing that delivers explosive power for the same effort, adding yards to your game.


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